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Design and Construction of Architectural Homes in Alberta

There are certain elements and angles to modern architecturally-driven homes that make them pleasing to the eye as well as keep the home as functional as possible. Large ceiling-to-floor windows, dramatic rooflines, incorporation of landscaping into any structure, and achieving a unique look that sticks out are just some of the features that these homes have. Barham Contracting Ltd can help you build a strong and practical architecturally-driven home. We have built several architectural homes in Alberta throughout the years. If you want to discuss your new home construction with us, contact us today.

Elements of Architectural Home

Homes reflect who you are as a person; architecturally-driven homes are usually built in a way that makes a statement. The elements used in architectural homes are simple and minimalistic. Vital elements of contemporary homes are defined with clean lines, natural light, minimalism, open space, nature, shapes, and angles. Some of the main aspects include:


Exteriors of architectural homes are often stunning. Clean lines and wall-length windows usually give them an appealing look. Asymmetrical elements or geometric shapes, natural materials, such as stones, bricks, and wood, flat roofs or dramatically angled roofing styles are used in different combinations that sit well together. These bring together the look of your home. At Barham Contracting Ltd, we use solid wood instead of manufactured products, which can be painted to blend with the walls you’ve chosen. To give you an open look with ceiling-to-wall glass design, we work with high-end manufacturers to bring you quality products. We also customize home exteriors with aluminium or steel panels that give a maintenance-free clean finish to your home.

Barham Construction needs fixed to contracting.


The interiors of your modern architectural home usually consist of wide-open spaces that flow together. Large windows help bring in lots of natural light within the home. We can help you achieve clean lines made possible with minimal trim work and flush baseboards and no casings. Our designs provide flexible space and less intrusion from the trim work. Solid wood is used in high-wear areas for the longevity of the finished product. Instead of living rooms and dining rooms as found in traditional homes, modern homes have great rooms and are usually a prominent part of inner-city homes.

 Indoor-Outdoor Flow

The whole point of an architectural home is to bring together elements that are inside and outside in perfect harmony. Large windows help in bringing natural light into the home. Seamless doors and windows help make this flow possible as there are no distracting lines. Landscaping also enhances this flow. In smaller city spaces, rooftop decks and greenery are incorporated to soften the hard exterior lines.

Simplistic Homes

Architecturally designed homes are suitable for minimalistic living. Discuss your requirements today.

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