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Reliable Equestrian Facility Construction in Alberta

Barham Contracting Ltd offers equestrian facility construction services in Alberta. We are experienced in building structures that are ideal for the equine industry. We have a range of services in our portfolio and these can fit well in an equestrian facility. We have had clients utilize our building’s versatility for their livestock requirements. They were the perfect structures for horses.


Though the buildings will not have interior columns, you will have the space you require for riding, boarding, and stabling. If you are facing issues with your equestrian facility’s layout, construction, and convenience, we are here to help. We can construct an indoor riding arena with a fabric building. You can ride and train year-round, regardless of any weather conditions. Make your ride a pleasant experience without external noise or indoor echoing. Our structures are constructed with sound-absorbing fabric covers; outside noises and indoor echoing are reduced, providing a stress-free environment for horses, riders, coaches, and spectators.


To provide an ideal environment for horses, a naturally bright interior and the shadow-free environment are provided within the building. The quality air and ventilation system results in the consistent fresh air. Also, thermally non-conductive covers are installed to ensure a warmer interior during the cold winter months and a cooler interior during summer. Barham Contracting Ltd’s fabric buildings are the ideal choice for:


 Indoor Riding Arenas

We offer the best possible solutions for indoor riding arenas. Whether you need one for personal use or as part of a rodeo, we will make sure you have a great riding experience under our fabric structures.

Equine Buildings

If you are an equestrian enthusiast, your horses can enjoy a nice structure. The fabric structures keep them protected from the elements and the translucent fabric covers provide natural lighting.

Horse Barns
Training Arenas

Horse Barns

Barham Contracting Ltd’s structures can be the ideal space for horse barns and stables. These buildings can easily accommodate run-ins, stalls, tack shops, and more. The right building helps you take care of your horses easily.

 Training Arenas

Our perfectly engineered fabric structures can accompany training arenas. If you need a large area for training horses, we can do it. Our structures provide the optimal square footage required without the interior columns to get in the way.

Boarding Stables
Boarding Stables 2

Boarding Stables

Barham Contracting Ltd’s fabric structures have natural light and abundant fresh air which make them the perfect place for boarding stables. These structures also have open-span interiors that offer enough space for horses to co-exist. The structures also include stalls, fences, doors, and windows of all sizes. For more information about our services, call us today!

Stables and Training Area

Customized and designed to your liking, we plan and build equestrian facilities.

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