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Barham Warranties

As a responsible general contractor, Barham Contracting Ltd follows the Alberta New Home Warranty Program that ensures warranty protection for every homebuyer, clear expectations concerning the construction, and ownership experience that keeps away any unpleasant surprises. Our customers have been enjoying this protection for over 35 years.

Warranty Coverage

The Alberta New Home Warranty Program coverage includes:

 Labour and Materials

One year’s coverage for defects in materials and labour will be covered by the mandatory warranty. It includes any issues concerning the way your home was built or the materials used, such as flooring, trim, fixtures, and more.

 Two-year Distribution Systems

The warranty must cover any heating, electrical, and plumbing system-related labour and materials defects for two years from the warranty start date. Single-family homes, multi-family units, and warrantable multi-family common properties are covered.

 Five-year Building Envelope

Defects in the building envelope should be covered by homebuilders with a 5-year warranty. Building envelope includes the system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior as defined by the New Home Buyer Protection Act. This refers to wall framing and cladding, roof installation, window installation, and more. This coverage applies to single-family homes and multi-family common properties and must have an optional two-year extension as well, making it a total of seven years’ coverage.

 Ten-year Structural Integrity

Key structural components, such as the frame and the foundation of the home are covered by the mandatory warranty for ten years. It covers defects in materials and labour that may have caused flaws in the load-bearing part of the home. If single-family homes and multi-family homes have structural damage that materially and adversely affects the safe use and occupancy of the home, this warranty covers it.

 Other Coverages

Several other warranties cover other aspects of your home, such as:

Living expenses

Enhanced protection

Pre-possession insurance

Deposit insurance

Extended two-year building envelope

For more information about the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, contact us.

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