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About the Barham Team

Founder and principal, Fred Barham, established Barham Contracting Ltd in 1984. Fred started as a millwork and interior carpentry finishing contractor. As he gained recognition as a quality-focused interiors contractor, the company was approached to complete larger architecturally focused projects. Barham Contracting Ltd now has over 35 years of experience in building complex architectural residences and commercial projects all over Alberta. We have completed projects ranging from large estate homes comprising several buildings to equestrian arenas. Fred directly employs a team of qualified tradesmen to assist in overseeing and completing the challenging details of construction.


Barham Contracting Ltd’s services range from full project management on larger-scale projects to custom cabinets prepared and assembled in our shop. We have a full complement of equipment to accommodate any type of project. Contact us for more information.

Certifications and Awards

Experience building LEED-certified Project

Safety Is Our Priority

As a team, we continuously work towards achieving SECOR. The benefits include:

Consciously creating a workplace that is proactive towards health and safety culture

Work towards reducing risks and costs related to workplace incidents

Lowering WCB rates and simultaneously qualifying for WCB PIR refunds

Refining the overall efficiency at our work sites

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