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Rural Homes in Alberta

City life can take a toll on living and make you want to go back to your roots and enjoy life, breathing in the fresh air sweeping across the acres around you. Being one with nature and leading a more outdoor lifestyle for recreation can bring new meaning to life. For those of you who are looking to develop small or large acreage with homes that have facilities such as wells, septic fields, gas, power, garages with living quarters, pool houses, storage facilities, and more, Barham Contracting Ltd can help you. We have built several rural homes in Alberta for customers who wanted multiple buildings and facilities on their property. Contact us today for more information.

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Quality Services – Uncompromised

The same level of attention to quality will be provided when building your rural home as given to our inner-city homes. Our team will make sure there is no trouble getting the materials and building supplies to your location. If you are looking for someone who has years of experience in building homes in the rural environment, you can count on us. We provide sophisticated build to your property.

Elements of Rural Homes

With large seamless windows to capture the view of nature, your home will be architecturally engineered with natural materials that blend in with the landscape around your property. The exteriors, with covered decks and wrap-around spaces, allow you to enjoy the outdoors from every angle. We will keep the landscaping less formal to keep the natural beauty of the space. The interior of your home will emphasize on mudrooms. We focus less on contemporary designs and more on natural materials and larger beams to give you a truly rural feel. We can also add additional structures, such as:



Additional living quarters

Equestrian facilities

Livestock facilities

Be One with Nature

Your rural homes will be designed keeping in mind your need to connect with nature around you.

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